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solid wood with maple veneer
58”l x 55“h x 20”w

The intention of this furniture piece is to promote face-to-face interaction, specifically, the act of flirting. Two can share this bench that will naturally allow connection to occur by keeping one focused on the other through the window that connects yet separates them.

The Challenge

I wanted to create an unintimidating piece of furniture that would promote connection between the two people. It needed to allow flexibility in positioning, as well as the possibility for easy escape.

Back Story

I chose to design an environment to promote conversation, interaction, and/or flirting because I believe that as society becomes more and more reliant on digital tools for communicating, they are losing their natural communication skills in real world situations. My concern is that people people may lose the confidence in their ability to initiate conversations in public spaces.

*from my Masters Thesis at Pratt Institute about how human interaction is changing due to society’s reliance on digital communication interfaces. This piece was one of a series of “rehabilitation tools” that I designed for “digitally overdosed people”.


Cool Hunting Book by Dave Evans, 2006
Design Spotter
Josh Spear